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It is the year 011 of a uchronic 19th Century.
In the mystic city of Turin, the discovery of a lost book reveals a terrifying prophecy that announces the end of the world: Fenrir, the son of Loki destined to kill Odin and cause the Ragnarök, is about to wake!
In only 11 hours, the Wolf God will rise, and the world as we know it will cease to exist...
But the lost book hints of a way to halt the prophecy: if someone can compose "The Song of Making" and find the one who can play it on the "Inscrutable Organ of Eternity" - a mysterious pipe organ hidden somewhere in Turin - the final battle of the gods can be delayed for another age! But who is this "Chosen One" who alone can play the sacred "Song of Making"? And where is this "Inscrutable Organ of Eternity"?
Captain Snowy, Princess Lilja, the brilliant inventor Påhlsson, the detective Koleberg, the charming Lady Lewis, the Monodist Professor Johnsson, the unforeseeable Mr. Vidal and the phantasmagoric Doctor Vikström: eight lives to chose the world's destiny... But one of these souls has been possessed by the spirit of Fenrir, who needs a physical form to seek out the Chosen One and kill him!

The battle for the final truth has begun: The ancient feud between good and evil is poised to begin. But how does one tell who is the champion of one, and who fights for the other?

The game uses a new "mechanical" action selection system and intrigues players with a paradox: the eight characters are all working together to stop the Ragnarök but only one player can achieve victory! The characters in the game share names and faces with the members of the Symphonic Metal band Therion, and the game is officially supported by the band.

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    Year Published
    # of Players
    3 − 6
    User Suggested # of Players
    Best with 4, 5 players
    Recommended with 3, 4, 5 players 
    (6 voters) [poll]
    Mfg Suggested Ages
    12 and up
    Playing Time
    90 minutes
    User Suggested Ages
    10 and up
    (2 voters) [poll]
    Language Dependence
    No necessary in-game text
    (7 voters) [poll]
    Primary Name
    Alternate Names  
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    Additional Info

    Additional Info

    Designer No
    Mfg Suggested Ages No
    # of Players No
    User Suggested # of Players No
    Year Published No
    Artist No
    User Suggested Ages No
    Subdomain No
    Website No
    Publisher No
    Playing Time No
    Family No
    Honors No
    Primary Name No
    Expansion No
    Alternate Names No
    Mechanic No
    Game category No
    Language Dependence No
    Play time filter No


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