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Board Game eXchange is adding RPG books to our inventory throughout this year. Enjoy this expansion to our service.


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  1. Buccaneers of Freeport

    Buccaneers of Freeport

    **This is an RPG Book.**

    If Freeport is known for anything, it's pirates. Sure, the city has a history of attracting criminal groups, corrupt merchants, and politicians—to say nothing of subversive cults dedicated to insane and dreadful gods—but it's the pirates who infest the city and prowl the Serpent's Teeth that give the City of Adventure its dubious reputation. From its first founding as a haven for buccaneers and cutthroats, established on the pirate's code to attain an uneasy peace between voyages, Freeport has evolved from a filthy little town to a sprawling city of thousands. Yet in that time, pirates remain the most common and most popular of its citizens.

    Buccaneers of Freeport returns to Freeport's roots and examines the colorful and disturbing rogues that roam the seas around the City of Adventure. Describing eight pirates, many new, some infamous, in lavish detail, each entry explores the rogue's history, his or her goals and agendas, while hinting at the curse that keeps them at sea and the treasures they guard. In addition, the pirate's key crewmen receive extensive attention, presenting them in all their cunning and brutality to breathe life into the thrill-seeking corsairs. Finally, the pirate ship, allies, and enemies round out the chapter, culminating with a campaign framework to help you build adventures centered on these various characters.

    The buccaneers described in this sourcebook include:

    • Three Sheets Kimbal: An adventurous and courageous corsair famed for his curious relationship with Lady Luck.
    • Scarbelly: The dread orc captain of the Bloody Vengeance, despised and feared by all for his brutality and viciousness.
    • Alfhild: A renegade warrior-maiden turned pirate to escape an arranged marriage and the duties of her homeland.
    • Flynn the Quick: An ambitious privateer that seeks redemption by wiping out piracy in all its forms.
    • Get o' Yarash: A disturbing ship filled with crude and violent mutants and exiles dedicated to the bloodthirsty god Yarash.
    • Aesha Algosiél: A beautiful but cruel elf maiden who scours the seas for lost relics of occult power.
    • Xian-Lei: Driven by vengeance and saddled with a dreadful curse, Xian-Lei prowls the seas waging war on those he blames for the death of his order.
    • Scevola Hest: Cursed to sail the seas for all time on the ghostly vessel named the Black Contessa, Hest and his spectral crew strike against any they please.

    Buccaneers of Freeport is a game sourcebook designed for all roleplaying games. Free from mechanics, its contents can be adapted for Green Ronin's True20 Adventure Roleplaying or any other popular RPG, ensuring this sourcebook is useful no matter what campaign setting or game system you use. Francisco and Drac may have planned great things for Freeport, but the City of Adventure has always been and shall ever be the port of call for pirates around the world. Find out their wicked deeds and heroic exploits in Buccaneers of Freeport!

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  2. Dungeons and Dragons 4th Ed Starter Set

    Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Starter Set + Dungeon Masters K

    This Includes everything needed to play Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. Includes 4E Essentials: Dungeon Masters Kit, D&D Starter Set (Red Box), Monster Vault, Heroes of the Fotgotten Kingdoms, Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Rules Compendium, + 6 Sets of Dice for all players. This is a gold level offering --Enjoy Learn More

  3. Hall of Many Pains

    Hall of Many Panes (RPG)

    An adventure of significant playing length
    For six or more experienced players in a well-ballanced adventuring team
    (For six D20 player characters of levels 8+)

    Contains 3 softcover books for the game master, pages are numbered across the books up to 264. Also a stapled booklet of maps and illustrations.

    From the back of the box:
    Plunge into the Hall of Panes
    Within the etheral darkness towers the Great Hall of Panes. Built in the uttermost depths of time, by the immortal hands of Amadan Mor, the Alfar deity and trickster, the Hall of Panes is a matrix of dimensions. The Hall's depth and height defy imagination as its gently sloping ramp plunges into the great infinite reaches and spirals into darkness. Along its entire reach are shimmering lights, close, yet distant. These are the Panes, gateways to worlds uncountable.

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