The Hall of Many Panes


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As with most adventure modules, this one is packed with action...confrontation and combat. There is more, though. The players must think, as must their game personas. There is sufficient problem solving herein to suit most, even hardened veterans. The same is true for being "in character," and role-playing with proper dialog-comedic, dramatic, and the rest are all possible here. As for the other elements of the game form, well, only unless you, the Game Master, wish to work them in will they be found. The adventure doesn't include much in the way of extensive exploration, as you'll see, although there are many unique and wonderful places to visit. Business, intrigue, politics, and so forth are not likely given the setting, save for innovative addition to the work. As for story, other than the backstory that opens the adventure, that must await the conclusion of the action, can then be told as a tale of what occurred. This is for gaming, not stage presentation, after all. This adventure is suitable for a party of six d20 adventurers of 8th or greater level. If the party is to be given a free hand in deciding the order in which the panes are accessed then a few of the characters should be of the 9th or 10th level. With just a little work of the GM's part characters of 11th-14th level could adventure here-simply increase the number of monsters encountered, add extra levels to the NPCs, or place horrific guardian creatures here and there as pickets for the areas already detailed.
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