Blindes Huhn (Second Edition)


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Designer(s) Heike Risthaus
Players 3-5
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+

Blindes Huhn ("Blind Hens") is a bluffing card game with bidding mechanisms. You start with a set of eight chicken cards with values from 1 to 3 in your display in front of you. The auctioneer draws three cards from a pile and decides to show one or two of these cards to the other players; the other card(s) are kept secret. The auctioneer makes a bid, then the other players in clockwise order may make theirs. The highest bid wins the three cards from the pile — and has to pay with the cards from his display.

The cards in the pile bring more value to your chicken (1-4) and blind hens, which is three points minus alone, but +5 together with a Golden Corn. A single Corn is worth 2 points.

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