Blood Rage: Kickstarter Exclusives


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Designer(s) Error, Eric M. Lang
Publisher(s) Error, Cool Mini Or Not, Guillotine Games
Players 2-4, Best With 4
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 13+

This is a set of items for Blood Rage that were only available during the Kickstarter campaign.

Among the exclusives there were four new monsters:

  • Wolfman: This monster comes with its figure and a card to add him to your Age 2 deck.
  • Mystic Troll: This monster will come with his miniature and a card to add him to your Age 3 deck.
  • Mountain Giant: This fearsome monster comes with its figure and card to add to your Age 1 deck. The Mountain Giant is a true behemoth, but since it counts as a Leader, it can Invade for free, and even benefit from Leader Upgrades you add to your clan!
  • Fenrir: the giant wolf, son of Loki, comes with its figure and card to add to your Age 1 deck. Whatever province Fenrir is in during the Ragnarök phase is the one that is actually destroyed this Age! (unless he's in Yggdrasil, in which case his ability doesn't take effect)


In addition to the monsters, there were several upgraded components:

  • Sculpted Clan Tokens: For each clan, a unique sculpt representing its clan animal. Four tokens are used by each clan to keep track of their current Rage, and their three stats: Rage, Axes, and Horns.
  • Sculpted Saga Token: To help keep track of your game's progress through the last Ages of the world. This monolith engraved with Viking runes was designed by Adrian Smith to represent the telling of your Viking saga!
  • Sculpted Doom Token: This is used to mark the province that will be destroyed next by Ragnarök, something that bloodthirsty Vikings can forget in the heat of battle. Designed by Adrian Smith, this token depicts the Triple Horn of Odin.
  • Sculpted First Player Token: With this token, you'll never forget who's supposed to start the round. It is a hand holding an axe up high.


Further, an extra variant set of miniatures, the Wild Boar Clan, was included, allowing an expanded choice of clans. This was not, however, a fifth player expansion, as it lacked the needed cards. Included with the standard game components were the sculpted clan tokens and Mystic figures, making this forward compatible with the Mystics of Asgard expansion.

Those who also purchased the fifth player expansion during the campaign additionally received extra exclusives, in the form of three alternate-sculpt monsters, each with their own (5+ player) card, and sculpted clan tokens for the extra faction (the Ram Clan).

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