Crazy Karts


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Designer(s) Error, Charles-Amir Perret
Publisher(s) Error, Portal Games
Players 3-8, Best With 6
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 8+

In this team-based game each player has their own player board with five available actions: Speed Up, Turn, Repair, Power Up, and a few others. Each round players secretly select and activate actions.

Then the choices are revealed and players resolve the chosen actions. Players move their karts depending on their speed, turn, shoot at other vehicles, and do all the crazy things they planned on their boards!

Crazy Karts includes four different factions, each with a unique power. Every team chooses one faction and gets that faction's special power.

Dwarves can ram into obstacles, Elves can grab Power-Up tokens from a distance, Goblins can maneuver easily, and Mummies. ..Well, Mummies have bandages, so they can make a lasso and pull you in an unexpected direction.

Crazy Karts is a great game for family game nights as well as for evenings with friends. It is perfect for casual players with it's simple rules, strong yet easy to grasp theme, and many references to silly racing video games.

Grabbing Power-Ups, ramming into your opponents, and hitting obstacles is the essence of this game. With two-sided boards, many different obstacles to encounter, and special powers to use, this game will remain entertaining for countless hours.

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