Escape: The Curse of the Temple – Queenie 5: Quest Chambers


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Designer(s) Error, Kristian Amundsen Østby
Players 1-6
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 12+

Queenie 5 for Escape. 3 new quest chambers (chaos chamber, constellation chamber and snake pit) and 3 new curses (mind control, pitfall and magical bond)

Chaos Chamber - All adventurers must be in this chamber at the same time and draw 1 curse each to complete this task.

Constellation Chamber - All players must be in the corresponding chambers and roll 2 keys to complete the task. A sixth player need not do anything to complete this task.
1: The Constellation Chamber
2: The Starting Chamber
3: A Triple Gem Chamber
4: A Single Gem Chamber
5: The Exit Chamber

Snake Pit - The player who discovers the snake pit takes 1 snake token for every other adventurer and adds them to each of their chambers. First all token snakes must be defeated with 2 torches while in the same chamber as the token. After that has been completed, players must defeat the mother snake in the chamber using 5 torches to complete this task.

Mind Control - You are not allowed to touch your adventurer figure, the draw pile, or gems on the depot. Other players must move them for you.

Pitfall - Immediately place your adventurer figure back in the starting chamber. Then discard this curse.

Magical Bond - You must have 1 hand touching another player at all times.

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