Gazala: The Clash of Armor


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Designer(s) Error, David Bolt
Publisher(s) Error, People's War Games
Players 2
Play Time Long - 2-3 Hours
Suggested Age 12+

May 16,1942. Rommel's Panzerarmee Afrika races around the British Eighth Army's fortified Gazala line in an attempt to encircle and destroy the British positions. Rommel's panzers are stopped just short of their objective: for the next four weeks a seesaw battle rages across the desert.

Over 1000 tanks and a quarter million troops grapple in a life and death struggle across the barren sands. When the dust had settled, Tobruk had fallen and the Eighth Army was in full retreat toward Egypt. Things might have gone much differently. Now you can decide the course of the war in the desert.
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