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Designer(s) Error, Joey Vigour
Players 4-10, Best With 7
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+

The perfect party game for 4-10 players! Work together to distribute the bites and wounds amongst the village. Some of you are wolves trying to "turn" the humans. When Night falls, everyone secretly passes cards! 4-10 players all claim to be innocent humans but one (or more) of them is Wolf Zero, the original werewolf that wants to infect the colony! The deck of cards sits face-up in the middle of the table. One by one you take turns picking up the top card and giving it to any (other) player you want. The cards can be a Bite (which brings you closer to becoming a wolf) or a Wound (which brings you closer to dead), or cards that cancel other cards. When a Night card is revealed, the full moon comes out and werewolves and humans get to pass cards anonymously, which is how wolves spread the infection to the humans. Charms negate Bites and Salves negate Wounds. 3 (net) Wounds kills either a human or a werewolf. 3 (net) Bites turns a human into a werewolf, and only wolves can pass Bites at night. When the deck is exhausted at the end of the third night, Wolf Zero(es) begins to growl, and slowly other wolves (even dead wolves) join the growl! If any humans are left alive, all humans win, even the dead ones. If all the players who are still alive are growling, that means only wolves are left alive, and all wolves win!
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