Legends of the American Frontier


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Designer(s) Richard Launius
Publisher(s) Game Salute
Players 3-7, Best With 4
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 13+

Patriot, Frontiersman, Southern Gentleman, Soldier, Trapper, Settler, Indian Scout, Statesman, Or Explorer - You Decide The Course Of Your Character'S Life And Tell The Tales That Tamed A Continent. Legends Of The American Frontier Is An Adventure Game For 3 To 7 Players In Which You Live The Life Of A Newly-Minted Citizen In The Colonial Days Of America, Starting Just After The Revolutionary War In The 1780S And Running Through The Early 1800S. Over The Course Of The Game, The History Of Your Character Will Unfold Through The Adventures You Choose To Seek Status, Fame, Wealth, And Happiness And The Story Cues You Collect Or Purchase To Define Your Character'S Life And Deeds. As You Craft A Tale Of Adventure, Hardship, And Discovery, You Will Be Revealing Your Own Legends Of The American Frontier. The Objective Of The Game Is To Score The Most Points Through Completing Adventures And Purchasing Rewards. All Adventures And Rewards Are Added To The Characters Legend, So Are Not Hidden During The Course Of The Game. At The End Of The Game In The Legend Phase, Each Player Will Tell His Character'S Life Story To The Group Based On Their Legend Developed Over The Course Of Play Then Proceed To The Final Scoring Where -1 Vp Tokens, Failure Tokens And Unspent Reward Tokens Are Calculated And Added/Subtracted To Create The Final Scores.
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