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Designer(s) Phallen Hay, Robert Hay
Publisher(s) Nuked Cards, LLC
Players 2-8
Play Time Epic - Over 3 Hours
Suggested Age 10+

NUKED is a card game for 2 - 8+ players that pits your post apocalyptic settlement against other players as you try to collect enough settlers to win the game. In the process, you can play cards to ruin other settlements or try to protect your own.

It's a fairly simple game to learn, it doesn't have attack point vs. defense system, there’s not a ton of stats to keep up with, it's more like paper rock scissors.

The other element is the Fate Cards, which might make you switch hands with another player, or allow you to play any settler card in your hand for example. Those cards can be pulled by any player once per round, and in any order, so it doesn’t have to be their turn to pull the card. It can really change the dynamic of a game and make for some pretty hilarious and fun moments. The game can be measured and tactical or chaotic and crazy, it all depends on the player.

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