Omen: A Reign of War


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Designer(s) John Clowdus
Publisher(s) Small Box Games, Kolossal Games
Players 2
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 12+

First published in 2011, Omen: A Reign of War has become a favorite two player game of gamers across the globe. The game was nominated for the 2012 Golden Geek for best 2 Player game, and lauded by fans and reviewers for its simple and dynamic mechanics, myriad of combos, and gorgeous art.

You could be the greatest warlord the isles have ever seen. Your thirst for power is matched only by your strategic wit and cunning. You know no rival, aside from your brother.

As sons of Zeus, you stand poised to conquer all of Greece, but not without the blessing of the gods. To determine who shall rule the domain of man, the gods have devised a contest and lent their most powerful forces for the cause: pillage and raze three cities while trying to achieve feats set forth from the denizens of Olympus. When the carnage ends, only one brother will be victorious, while the other will fade into antiquity as just another half-god spawn of Zeus.

To compete in this contest, players will take on the role of one of these two brothers with access to a powerful array of Units including Soldiers, Beasts, Oracles, Heroes, and Spirits; each with various uses.

Each turn, the active player receives coins and/or draws cards.  They spend these coins to play Units to the 3 Cities to try to win wars to gain rewards, and to try to accomplish feats set forth by the gods of Olympus.

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