Quests of Valeria


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Designer(s) Isaias Vallejo
Publisher(s) Daily Magic Games
Players 1-5, Best With 2
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 14+

Quests of Valeria is a unique set collection game where players gather citizens to fill requirements on a quest. Hire citizens from the line in the tavern that provide you with additional actions to build combo's of free actions players take turns taking 2 actions from the following: Drawing cards, hiring citizens, reserving a quest, or completing a quest. When hiring a citizen, players pay the cost by discarding cards in their hand and taking the citizen from the tavern to their guild, tableau. Some citizens have bonus actions and they trigger as soon as they enter a player's guild. When completing a quest, players must send citizens from their guild that match the requirements on the quest to the discard pile. When a player completes 5 quests, the game ends and player's reveal their guild master and count up victory points.
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