Robin Hood and the Merry Men


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Designer(s) Error, Toni Toshevski, Martyn Poole, Maja Matovska, Vojkan Krstevski, Ivana Krstevski
Publisher(s) Error, Final Frontier Games
Players 1-5, Best With 4
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 13+

Robin hood and the Merry men is a semi cooperative, but a highly competitive board Game set in the folklore we all know and love. It's a thematic Euro Style Game that perfectly blends worker placement, hand management, set collection and dice rolling into a one big exciting Crossover. In the Game, you will acquire resources and weapons, lay traps and fight the Sheriff endless army of guards, build barricades on the roads to ambush and Rob the heavily guarded and gold-filled carriages that are taxing the villages, enter archery competitions, rescue prisoners from the castle darkest Dungeons and much much more. The Game comes with 3 different modes of play. Semi co-op, full co-op and solo mode!
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