The Desert Fox


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Designer(s) Error, Richard H. Berg
Publisher(s) Error, SPI (Simulations Publications, Inc.)
Players 2
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 12+

Desert Fox is a brigade level simulation of the war in North Africa from the arrival of Er­win Rommel in March of 1941 until the end of 1942 when the Allies, landing amphibious forces in Western Africa, blockaded any chances for future Axis offensives in North Africa.

The Axis player attempts to secure Libya and Egypt by seizing Alexandria, while (he Allied (Commonwealth) player seeks to protect Alexandria and to contain the Axis forces. There are two scenarios in Desert Fox: a short, five-turn game, covering the Axis drive on Tobruk in the first few months of the conflict; and a campaign game, recreating the entire war in Northeast Africa.

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