The Gallerist


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Designer(s) Vital Lacerda
Publisher(s) Eagle-Gryphon Games
Players 1-4, Best With 4
Play Time Long - 2-3 Hours
Suggested Age 13+

This age of art and capitalism has created a need for a new occupation, the gallerist, which combines elements of the art dealer, museum curator, and artists' manager. 

You are about to take on that job! You will promote and nurture artists; buy, display, and sell their art; as well as build and exert your international influence. As a result you will achieve the notoriety needed to draw visitors to your gallery from all over the world. There’s a lot of work to be done, but don't worry, you can hire assistants to help you and there's a long queue of unemployed Art aficionados lined up, hoping to work with someone of your stature. 

Build your fortune by running the most lucrative gallery ever. Maximize your money and thus win the game by: 

-Attracting visitors to your gallery 
-Exhibiting and selling works of art 
-Investing in artists' promotion to increase art value 
-Achieving trends and notoriety as well as curator and dealer goals
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