The Great Battles of Julius Caesar: The Civil Wars 48-45 B.C.


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Designer(s) Error, Mark Herman, Richard H. Berg
Publisher(s) Error, GMT Games
Players 2
Play Time Epic - Over 3 Hours
Suggested Age 12+

49BC. Rome is in turmoil. Armed mobs rule the streets. The First Triumvirate, overseers of the last days of the Roman Republic, has disintegrated. The Senate and the people have two options: on the one hand is the overweening ego and ambition but limited military vision of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus -- Pompey the Great; on the other hand is one if history's greatest and most schemingly ambitious political and military figures, the conqueror of Gaul, Caius Julius Caesar. In Italy, at the edge of the Rubicon River, word of the stalemate has reached Caesar and his XIII Legion. He intones for posterity: "Iacta alea est" ... the die is cast.
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