The Island of El Dorado: The Thieves of El Dorado


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Designer(s) Error, Daniel Aronson
Publisher(s) Error, (Self-Published), El Dorado Games
Players 1-8, Best With 5
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 14+

The year is 1589. Brave explorers have only just breached the shores of the mythical Island of El Dorado. Little do they know, however, that they are not alone. Years before their fateful meeting with Ali Baba, the legendary band of 40 thieves* had been using the shores of El Dorado as a base of operations for their machine of robbery on the high seas. They've been hiding in the shadows as the explorers have led them to areas of the island they never knew existed and exposed to them The great power hidden in its shrines, shrines which the thieves had foolishly dismissed as crumbling relics of a bygone era. Determined to harness the power of the shrines to fuel their infamous organization, The thieves step out from the shadows of El Dorado to steal their way to immortality…

the thieves of El Dorado expansion pack supports up to eight players or solo play, and adds the option of playing in teams of two! Bigger battles and deeper strategy add a whole new dimension to the game. For play only in conjunction with the Island of El Dorado
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