Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars Classic Trilogy Collector's Edition


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Designer(s) Error, (Uncredited)
Publisher(s) Error, Parker Brothers
Players 2-4, Best With 4
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 12+

Are you the kind of person for whom the initials T. P. are more apt to trigger a response of Tarkin and Piett than Trivial Pursuit? Looking for an opportunity to put that hard-core knowledge ofStar Wars-abilia to the test? Well belly up to the cantina to play the Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars Classic Trilogy Collector's Edition, the customized edition of the now-classic Q&A game designed especially for disciples of the three Ls: Luke, Lando, and Leia. With over 2,000 questions in six categories such as Weapons & Vehicles and Droids, Creatures & Aliens, all based on the first three movies in the Star Wars series, this collector's edition features a numbered game board, pewter tokens, and--in lieu of dice--a battery-powered (two A76 cells, included) R2-D2 model which randomly displays a number with the press of his head. For fact-filled fans who know which Endor's up, the Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars Classic Trilogy Collector's Edition means Ewok, Don't Run. 
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