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Designer(s) Guillaume Blossier
Players 2-8
Suggested Age 8+

A new character that was originally available as a reward in the 2016 Dice Tower Season 12 Kickstarter.

Amaryllis (The referee fairy or "refairy")

Amaryllis is a fairy referee who guarantees "fair play". At the beginning of the game, she’s placed atop a column without flame. When a fighter is injured, (loss of at least 1 life), Amaryllis will land on him to protect him. Her cardboard figure is taken from the top of the column and placed directly on the fighter. The player puts the corresponding token of +1 defense in front of him. The character immediately receives a +1 defense bonus as long as Amaryllis is on him (to maximum Defense of 6) When another fighter is hurt, she flies and lands on it (which thus moves the +1 defense token).

And so on.

If a fighter with the fairy is wounded a second time in a row (no other fighter is wounded in themeantime), Amaryllis increases its protection. The affected player flips the chip over to the +2 defense side (always to a maximum Defense of 6). This is Amaryllis’ maximum protection, if the protected character is injured again, the token remains on the +2 side.

Important: There is no protection available during a final duel. Amaryllis returns to a column when there are only two fighters.

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