Vanished Planet


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Designer(s) Craig Oliver, Samuel Blanchard
Publisher(s) Vanished Planet Games
Players 1-6, Best With 4
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 8+

A seething mass of darkness has appeared where Earth once was, and it's stretching out deadly tentacles towards the six homeworlds of the galaxy's other empires.

The galaxy has been thrown into chaos; colonies are rebelling, workers are fleeing their jobs, and old hatreds are threatening to foment into war.

Now, cryptic missions are being transmitted from the vanished planet Earth. It's up to you to complete those goals, banish the creature, and restore Earth to its place in the galaxy before your homeworld is consumed!

Vanished Planet is a cooperative strategy game for 1-6 players, who must work together to manage resources and complete mission goals to win.

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