Witches of the Revolution


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George Washington. Paul Revere. Alexander Hamilton. We know the names of these heroes. But there are others who fought for the cause of Liberty, secret cabals in a hidden war that historians never talk about. These witches of the Revolution, with names like Alasdair, Okomfo, and Gwenhwyfar, led the occult forces of this world and the next against the Tyranny of King George III.

In Witches of the Revolution, your deck is a coven of witches that you lead against foes both mortal and not on a desperate quest for Freedom. Unique deck-building rules allow you to recruit and hone your forces even as your enemy reveals itself. Your fellow players are your allies; teamwork is the key, but resources are limited, so every choice must be made with care. And time is the ultimate constraint; as the moon wanes, your power weakens and the crushing weight of Tyranny grows. Can you throw off the British yoke before it’s too late?
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