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Reviewers & Publishers

We know that you publishers have a hard time to getting your titles in players hands.

Board Game eXchange can help

1 - You send us copies of games you are interested in promoting.  The number of copies you send us to promote is up to you.  Keep in mind—the more copies you provide, the more copies we can get into our circulation.  (For card & smaller games, we ask for about 20 or more copies; for larger games, generally publishers provide a case or more of their titles the would like promoted). 

2 - We then take your game(s), "Feature" them for a month for free, catalog & inventory each game, add the title(s) to our inventory and feature your company’s logo on our website along with a quick write-up (which you would provide including what you would like to be said about your company and game) on the landing page for the game.

3 – Here’s the best part:  We ship to our customers a copy of your game free-of-charge in addition to their monthly allotment of games they receive from our inventory.  In other words, say our customer has requestedDominion and Agricola—in addition to shipping those games, we will ship a copy of your game to them for them to try risk-free.  When they are done playing their games, they will ship them back to our warehouse and we will ship our customers more games along with another publisher-provided courtesy copy.  An informational sheet is included in each promotional game informing them: (1) that the game is being included courtesy of you, our publishing partner, so they can try out the game and review it online at our website. (2) information about your company, web address, and other titles that you publish, and (3) that they can purchase the game directly from your website.   

4 – If your game is audience-specific, we can direct our warehouse to ship it out to customers when “Like” Games are sent out.  For instance, if a customer rents 2 strategy games in a particular month, we'll add a courtesy copy of a publisher-provided strategy game on top of their shipment, which would be free to them. 

5 –  By getting your games on tables of potential customers, gaming groups & guilds, you are able to reach a massive number of consumers with each copy of a game you provide to us.  One copy could be cycled around a gaming group’s weekly game night and reach 70 people in a month.  The best part for you is that you don’t have to pay the cost of attending a convention just to get people to try your game—we take care of providing that atmosphere for them. 

6 – In return for playing publisher-provided games, we ask our customers to rave about the games they enjoy to their gaming friends online (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, message boards, and review sites like  Also, if the customer is interested in purchasing a copy of your game, they cannot do so from us—we direct them to your website for purchasing.  Also, we are able to provide data to our publishing partners upon request about the number of tables and gaming groups hit on a quarterly basis. 


Our concept is simple—we promote games for you by exposing consumers to games risk-free they otherwise wouldn’t have tried.   We are partnered up with several review networks and companies including Associated Gamers and The Dice Tower which also provides online reviews and podcasts.


Board Game eXchange is single-handedly the best way for publishers to get the most impact for the least amount of up-front cost to them. There is no other service like ours out there and many publishers recognizing the value of what we are able to provide.

At this time, promoting your games through our service is free of charge to publishers who want to partner with our service.  The only cost to you is whatever you incur by shipping to our warehouse copies of games you would like to have promoted.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, feel free to  email me directly at  We at Board Game eXchange look forward to partnering with your company.


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