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What is BGX?

Board Game eXchange is a nationwide board game rental service.  Try new board games; If you like them, Purchase them at a discount. If not, send them back.

We have a few general questions answered below, please see our FAQ, Customer Service, and Terms and Conditions pages for more information.  

- How does a BGX subscription work?
- What’s the cost and how many games do I receive?
- How long can I keep the games?
- Looking for different Team Building or Entertainment ideas for Your Business? 


How does a BGX subscription work?

- We send you ONE shipment every TWO months, filled with board games that you select and prioritize in your rental queue.
- The number of games in your shipment is based on your subscription level. You keep the games for at least 60 days and then send them back using the provided postage and packaging. Then we send your next shipment of games!
- If you like one of the games you played, email BGX- you can purchase it!


What’s the cost and how many games do I receive?

All shipping costs are included in your monthly subscription. Visit the Rental Packages page to learn more about :

*When there is extra space in the box (almost always), we include an additional courtesy game that has been provided by a publisher looking to get some feedback from players. Developers and publishers interested in working with us are encouraged to email or visit our Publishers page for more information.


How long can I keep my games?

There are no due dates or late charges - keep and play your titles as long as you want. (Keep in mind, you get a maximum of one shipment of games every two months.) After 60 days, you can return them for a new set of games at any time. 

 Looking for different Team Building or Entertainment ideas for Your Business?

BGX Is your answer; We're happy to provide an additional form of entertainment for your (Hotel, Happy Hour, Coffee Shop, Brewery, Company Party, Gaming Groups, Fundraisers, Vacations, Wedding) (basically any occasion you can think of).

- We offer flexible pricing and package options based upon locale, for institutional and business customers such as after-school programs, libraries, bars, restaurants, coffee shops & cafés, and other establishments.

Please email for an estimate or visit our Customized Rentals page for more information.


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